Since the birth of magazines, readers have been collecting. Tering, collating, filing and sticking; work or play, this is a trend that thousands of people all over the globe have adopted. But how do you savor a page without destroying it with a tear? Or frame an image locked in a coffee table book?

Collection Magazine is a luxury publication, offering the old fashioned decadence of the printed page, with a modern distinction; finely perforated at the spine, every page is collectable and ready to frame. Engage with each page and enjoy the danger of ripping out the exquisiteness which lies before you.

Collection endeavors to provide its readers with accessible fashion art.

Page 76 is a shoot that I shot


  1. This is amazing work.....

    Same shoot as in Vogue?

    I love love loveeeeeee it. Jennifer you are a star, keep up the amazing work.

  2. OMG!! Jennifer can you one day shoot my wedding? I love your work.

  3. oh my gosh, i L O V E this shoot.
    i'm obsessed with that gown. it's beyond amazing.
    do you know if you can pick up a copy of this magazine anywhere anymore? x.

  4. you can buy a copy of the magazine on ''