Colouring inside the lines is no longer acceptable. Ping pong is the new national pastime.Party drugs, including tunes by old guys like Willie Hutch are legal. White man can jump. Having a full sleeve tattoo will no longer stop people from getting their dream job. You have to wait a week before asking anyone you meet what they do for work. The four day work week and random snoozes on the couch are mandatory. So are drinks on Sunday afternoon. Summer will continue to be hot but no longer sweaty. Sex will continue to be both. The whole history thing has been fixed so there will be no more repeating. Taking a year to travel the world is equivalent to any degree. Waiting for stuff to happen carries a fine of $237. Theres no such thing as control anymore only choices & consequences....... 

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  1. so jennifer, i have the equivalent of 4 degrees.. hopefully when im grown up ill have more... i do a job i dont like but i work 5 months of the year and random snoozes on the couch are definitely mandatory. drinks on sunday afternoon on a beach with red dirt and turquoise water are also mandatory. but they're better when im with my boy or my best mate, who isnt from there... and freaks out when she sees a turtle in the water... i make a mean prawn & pumpkin curry and control seems to fly out the window when its on the table... consequence is, its time for a run. hehe... more pictures please x